Ducting & Chilled Water Piping & Copper Piping Work

Duct System : The Air Duct Systems product area consists of a range of circular ducts and fittings, complemented by e.g. rectangular duct products, dampers and hoods. Together these products form a wide and deep assortment and lay the foundation of the first part of a total solution for transport of air, particles etc.

Chilled Water Piping : As the cost of energy continues to rise, it behooves chiller-plant owners and designers to consider the energy impacts of virtually everything under their control, including chilled-water piping.


Working with Copper Tubing : Working with Copper Tubing The ability to properly perform such operations as cutting, bending, and joining copper tubing is a basic requirement for success as an HVAC technician. Careful attention to correct use of tools and the development of good work habits will result in trouble-free installations and satisfied customers..